Welcome to
Ghana pageants, the unofficial magazine site for the grand slam pageants in Ghana. If you’ve been searching for information on current titleholders, past winners, pictures and interesting titbits, without success, I welcome you to browse these pages. You just might find what you’re looking for.

Pageants have always been one of my passions, and I’m always interested in the pageant trivia. In particular I’m always interested in where they are now and the respective pageants helped winners advance in the world. Unfortunately, such information isn’t available for many African national pageants. 

Which is why I decided to set up this website. 

I hope those who, like me, have an interest in pageants, particularly Ghanaian ones, will find this site helpful.

My other aim for setting up this site is that by sharing these stories, young girls (and boys) who are interested in entering pageants will learn a few things, will get the encouragement they need, and, most of all, take away a few things that would help them pursue this dream for the right reasons (and to the right ends).